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Anika Fiebich

Work HEART Training:
Innovative Business Coaching


Dr. Anika Fiebich
Work HEART Training

Postal Address:
Böcklerstr. 1
30102 Braunschweig

Originator and Author of the Work HEART Training Programs, Methods, and Handouts: 

Anika Fiebich

Websites and Domains: Hosteurope

Please note that I do not owe any other websites than the ones listed above. My former academic website anikafiebich.com is no longer mine. I do not use any email addresses connected to my own domains anymore. 

Web-Layout via Word-Press:

web designer: Sonja Großewinkelmann (beisonja)

Websites (Logo, Pictures and Text):

Anika Fiebich (Work HEART Training)

Portrait photo (of me, i.e. Anika Fiebich)

photographer: Vanessa Schütte (R!ng Foto Bremen)

Business Account: 

Volksbank Braunschweig Wolfsburg, Kontonr 2220 4660 00 (since February 2023, this is my only bank account)

German Tax Number: 

69 048 517 366